About me

I worked for the Church of England for over 40 years. During the past 25 I was secretary to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches in the Suffolk diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.

More recently I’ve served as interim DAC secretary at the dioceses of Sheffield, Norwich and Leicester.

Church buildings need to adapt to deliver mission and ministry for the current age. You may consider removing pews or installing a servery and WC. For changes to a listed building you will need Statements of Significance and Needs in order to make a convincing case for your proposals. I can advise on an effective approach and take on the task of producing the statements if required.

I have twice been a member of the General Synod’s Rule Committee when it has amended the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules. This gives me an insight into the expectations behind the rules as well as how they operate.