My services

The process of making changes to church buildings and applying for faculties can seem daunting and complex.

I can help you navigate your way through with confidence.

Statements of Significance and Needs

Statements of Significance and Needs are required when changes are proposed to a church building. They have two purposes: They demonstrate PCC is aware of the historic and architectural significance of the church in general and the area affected by the proposals. They also set out why the PCC needs to do the work. For example; How old are the pews you want to remove? Who designed them? What’s likely to be below the floor? How will the mission and ministry be improved with the changes?

The Church of England has designed a template for the Statements and this can be found at the ChurchCare section of the CofE’s website. Populating the template and crafting the case can be a challenge and this is where I can help. 

Online faculty applications

Dioceses are encouraging PCCs to apply for faculties via the Online Faculty System. This makes the process easier for all involved. You can log-on to your account and track your project as it works its way through the system.
I can work on your behalf, uploading your documents, photographs and architect’s specification and give you regular updates on progress.

Heritage guides and activity packs

Medieval churches are full of interest if you know where to look and what to see.
My colleague Marion Welham at produces colourful guides accessible to all ages. She also develops children’s discovery packs with a close eye on the school curriculum. RealWork can supply images, graphics and words in one package.